Planning & Visualization

Having the vision to see a project come to life before construction begins is critical to understanding the success of a project before making a significant investment. This visualization can also inspire confidence in one’s investment. Luthergroup understands the importance of project visibility and offers feasibility studies, sketch proposals, virtual modeling, renderings, and videos.

Architectural Design

Luthergroup approaches the practice of architecture as a comprehensive process of exploring, understanding, and then creatively embracing constraints. Within aviation, properly understood constraints can transform resistance into flight. Within architecture, beauty, structure, function, scope, and budget must all be tuned to produce a harmony that is unique to the circumstances of the project.
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Coordinated Facility Maintenance

Most facilities handle maintenance directly using a business or operations manager and in-house maintenance staff. However depending on the size and scope of the maintenance project using a set of drawings to coordinate the project allows for better control of the budget, schedule, and scope. And with a growing shortage of qualified contractors in the US, properly defining the scope of work with a set of drawings will lead to more contractors responding and better pricing.